Pool Table Repair Houston TX

If you’re looking for top quality billiard table repair in Houston, TX, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’d like to get a regular check up for your pool table, need some small repairs, or need larger work done on your pool table, we do it all.

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    Pool Table Leveling Houston TX

    Get your pool table levelled with us so you can enjoy playing games where the billiard balls go where you intend them to go. A level playing surface is one of the most important parts of playing a fair pool game.

    Pool Table Refinishing Houston TX

    Is the wood on your pool table getting a little worn? We can take care of that too with our professional refinishing service available here in Houston and the surrounding towns. Once we’re done, your pool table will look brand new.

    Billiard Table Refurbishing & Restoration Houston TX

    Got an old pool table that’s in bad condition and needs a little sprucing up? We can turn your old pool table into what will look like a completely new one. Our restoration and refurbishing service for pool tables is among the best in Houston, and we look forward to giving your pool table the attention it needs.

    Pocket Repair Houston TX

    Having functional pockets on your pool table is very important to being able to play properly. Nobody wants a pockets where the ball can’t enter properly, and that’s why we provide a full pocket repair and replacement service for your Houston pool tables.

    Cushion Repair Houston TX

    Get your cushions fixed or replaced with us so you can fully enjoy your pool table. Trying to hit good rebound shots with a messed up cushion can become very irritating and sometimes even impossible. Take care of your pool table by getting the cushions fixed by our professional pool table service.

    Bumper Repair Houston TX

    Pool table bumpers often take a lot of beating and need fixing or replacement after a while. Lucky for you, that’s something we cover as well. If you have a pool table anywhere in the Greater Houston area then you can contact us to get your bumpers repaired or replaced.

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    Frame Repair Houston TX

    Repairing pool table frames is one of our specialties. A sturdy pool table frame is the foundation of a good pool table, and that’s what we aim to provide. Things can loosen up and get run down through years of use and our job is to bring it back to its former glory, and maybe even make it better!

    Slate Repair (under the felt) Houston TX

    One of the trickiest fixes to do on a pool table is slate repair. This needs to be done by removing the felt and leveling the slate. If you’re getting your slate repaired then this is an excellent time to get new felt put on your pool table.

    Rails Repair Houston TX

    Need to get your pool table rails repaired? Rail repair is also on our list of available services. So give us a call today so we can get to work on fixing up your billiard tables and set you up to fully enjoy your pool games.