Pool Table Installation Houston TX

If you want to use that new pool table of yours, what’s got to be done first? That’s right! You’ve got to get it set up and put together properly. By getting professional pool table experts, such as ourselves, to set your table up you’re hitting two birds with one stone since you’re not only getting your pool table installed properly, but you’ve got the opportunity to get it fine-tuned and ready for optimal use. This is not only good for your pool table, but will definitely save you time and money you’d have to spend on repairs further down the line.

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    Pool Table Assembly Houston TX

    We love what we do and take great joy in the symmetry and finesse that’s needed to properly install billiard tables. Pool tables set up improperly can result in misaligned slate, wrinkled felt, and an uneven playing surface which is one of the most frustrating things a pool player will encounter in a game.Getting us to set your table up will completely eliminate any of these issues you might have trying to set it up on your own.

    Pool Table Disassembly And Reassembly Services Houston TX

    Pool tables are made up of many parts and have a lot of different components. Trying to move a pool table whole without disassembling it can lead to unwanted damage and complications that you’ll have to deal with later. That’s why one of our most sought after services that we provide is the disassembly and reassembly of pool tables. If you’re planning to put your pool table into storage for any longer period of time, it’s also a smart idea to get it taken apart to avoid damaging the frame or slate permanently. Likewise, if there’s an old pool table you’ve got disassembled and you’d like to start using it again, we can put it back together for you and maybe even to a little tune-up and repair while we’re at it.

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